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About CMCC

About CMCC

China Media Culture Centre (CMCC) is a professional cultural organization dedicated to disseminating Chinese culture, promoting exchanges, cementing friendship between China and the rest of the world, and boosting China’s national profile. Our mission is to serve overseas media, make China’s voice heard and improve the country’s image. We are committed to pursuing people-to-people cultural exchanges and operating as an independent entity according to law. After careful preparations and rapid growth, CMCC has emerged as the first independent non-profit organization in China that focuses on providing services for overseas media and cultural exchange.

Entities under China Media Culture Centre (CMCC) are INTERVIEW IN CHINA (, China Media & Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and China International Media Research Centre (Beijing).

The website of INTERVIEW IN CHINA ( is a service network platform covering full range of information for international media interviews in China. It is a multi-functional, multi-lingual, informative and professional website. With 10 channels of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic involving 9 languages respectively, INTERVIEW IN CHINA covers all interview-related items, such as policies and laws, news articles, interview instructions, living in China guide, interview assistance service, domestic tourism service, subjects as international and domestic media exchanges, foreign media views of China, media investment and financing, international media research, etc.

China Media & Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
China Media & Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is the commercial executive agency of China Media Culture Centre. Our company has a dedicated, professional, efficient, and stable team, whose members come from top colleges and universities, government agencies handling foreign affairs, well-known media outlets, and travel agencies. CMCC enjoys a wealth of practical media experiences and an extensive network of government connections. It has an internationally advanced business philosophy, practices professionalism, and provides meticulous service.

China International Media Research Centre (Beijing)
China International Media Research Centre (CIMRC), based in China and facing the world, mainly engages in comparative studies of domestic and foreign media, specifically, research on interaction between foreign affairs and the international media. China International Media Research Centre is devoted to building academic resource networks and think tanks of international media research through academic conferences, funding for outstanding issues, and international academic exchanges. By making CIMRC an academic exchange platform for the latest research outcome in international media, it is a research base for innovation and ultimately a non-governmental think tank of public relations with international media for the government. 

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