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Other Services

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Advertising Agency

Best advertisement needs the most appropriate delivering media, the widest range of customers and the optimal advertisement programs. China Media Culture Center (CMCC) is the best option.

•Widest range of customers including banking and insurance business, real estate, IT, automobile, fashion and beauty, communication, travel, education, electrical appliance, top-grade customer goods etc.;
•Years of practical experiences;
•Rich media and advertisement resources;
•Good connections with many famous advertisement dealers;
•Perfect agency service system.

Advertisement Design and Production

Outstanding media advertisement depends on ingenious concepts and perfect designs. CMCC possesses an independent and professional design studio. With our unique design style, CMCC not only enables our customers to upgrade their overall image, but also enhances organizational philosophy and culture.
•Excellent and creative team;
•Appealing design and superb production standards;
•Novel and lively advertisement display with distinct themes;
•All kinds of design styles tailored to the customers’s requirements.

Activity Agency

CMCC offers overall agency services of well-repaid and various activities, making all the activities become the important way of attracting customers.
•Lively, passionate and professional planning team with strong background of media operations;
•Fully prepared survey and research for internal and external customers;
•Accurately grasping of the theme of the media’s activities;
•One package service of activities such as exchange activities for media, salon, anniversary celebration, reciprocal banquet, signing ceremony, birthday party, cocktail party, etc.

Communication and Training Service

CMCC devotes to promoting communication among media, especially to enhancing the mutual study between domestic media and international media and to providing a wider stage for both domestic and international media.
•Years of media operation experience and professional training and service team;
•Abundant and professional media resources;
•High quality training programs, including editing trainning, exchange of media management, chief executive training, and media operation training, etc.

Conference and Exhibition Service

CMCC has a variety of conference and exhibition services with visual and acoustic effects.
•Professional team with creativity and enthusiasm;
•Outstanding ability of field control;
•Full service of awarding ceremony, exposition, trade fair, summit, etc.


Etiquette is an indispensible part of conferences and exhibitions. Perfect etiquette plays an important role in attracting attention of participants and in increasing popularity of the sponsors. With plenty media resources and excellent humane services, CMCC provides qualified, reliable and creditable performances.

•About 200 graceful and cultivated etiquette;
•Well-known and experienced emcee;
•Rich connections with hotels and experiences on performance organization;
•Special and unique service in hosting different kinds of celebrations and ceremonies;
•Well-trained and professional Chinese and foreign models.

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