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Culture Experience

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China is an ancient country with long and profound history. In order to understand the unique and distinctive Chinese culture and traditions, China Media Culture Centre has planned for the guests who come from the different media a series of engaging services in the aspect of China culture. Through these services, you could learn and understand more in Arts & Crafts, Clothing, Festivals, Articles, Ancient Relics, Performing Arts, Architecture, Literature, Folk Custom, Script & Calligraphy, Food & Drink about Chinese history and living life.

Also, we play an essential role in facilitating news gathering activities in china by organizing some cultural experience actions, providing rich and up-to-date media resources and basic information for visiting China and so on.

By providing those services, we hope we could promote the communication between media from different places, broaden the foreign guests’ horizons and let them learn more about Chinese culture for improving the understand of each other.

We believe you could explore Chinese culture here!

•Deep understanding of Chinese culture;

•Abundant experience in organizing cultural activities;

•Qualified translation service;

•Most striking route arrangement for interview.

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