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Media Assistance Service

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CMCC is the first independent non-profit organization in China that focuses on providing professional and individualized interview assistance services for international media. Our service includes policy counseling, scheduling, public relations concerning interviews, interview arrangement, translation services, interview Passport collection, interview equipment leasing, logistics services.

•Skilled and experienced staff used to serve in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games;
•Information consultant for special reports;
•Exclusive interview channels and interview Passport collection;
•Abundant resources and sound relations with many organizations;
•24-hour accompanied interpreter, interview assistant and logistic service;
•First-class interview equipment leasing.

CMCC helps foreign journalists, both those who are based in China as resident correspondents and those on short visits in making practical arrangements for news coverage and filming. CMCC arranges individual interviews with Chinese political leaders, government officials, businessmen, scholars, and artists, and also on-site coverage of manufacturing plants, scientific research laboratories and sports facilities.

Please note that CMCC provides only logistic support, e.g., preparation of coverage programs and giving advice and information on news coverage and shooting.

Basic Information for Visiting Press:


When planning trips for news coverage and shooting in China, journalists are advised to be careful with timing. It is preferable to avoid holiday seasons in China ("Golden Week" from the last week of September to the first week of October, Spring Festivals etc.). During these periods, it is extremely difficult to make appointments with government officials, representatives of private companies and scholars. Also, when the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) are in session, it is generally difficult to arrange meetings with the Prime Minister and other ministers, as well as the high-ranking government officials.


Please note that it is usually necessary to bring an interpreter for meeting with Chinese personalities, and journalists are advised to take due account of this point when budgeting for coverage trips to China. Normally, it costs about 1500 RMB (or about US$ 220) a day and 1000 RMB (or about US$ 150) a half day to hire a professional interpreter (Chinese-English) through a commercial agency.

Photos and TV shooting

For reasons of security (in covering defense, police and nuclear facilities) and also for the protection of industrial secrets (in covering manufacturing plants and research laboratories), it normally takes a long time to go through complicated formalities to obtain filming permission or to make necessary arrangements for taking still photos and TV shooting. In most cases, CMCC has to hold consultation meetings with the Chinese organizations and personalities, and also to conduct location hunting on the ground before starting full coverage. Accordingly, TV filming crews and photographers are advised to inform CMCC of their shooting plans well in advance. It is almost impossible to make filming arrangements at very short notice, for example, a couple of days or even a week before.

For bringing TV and camera equipment into China, it may be necessary for journalists who carried those equipments to go through prescribed formalities, and it may take a few days to recover the equipment. To add to it up, it is strongly advised to prepare a complete list of the equipment you needed.

For the most part, China's electric current is 220 volts A.C. Please take account of this point when bringing filming equipment into China or planning to rent in China.

CMCC provides relevant advice and information on selection of interviewees and places to cover, hiring interpreters, assistants and camera crews, or renting filming equipment and cars.

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